Memorial Program

Memorial Tree: A tree is a recognized symbol of nature’s strength, beauty and endurance. Participate in the Memorial Program to honor a loved one, mark an anniversary, special occasion, recognize an event or significant achievement. We have designated… Read More

Memorial Bench

Seminole County is a special place for many people. The beautiful parks, the sweeping views of the Wekiva River, the surprising moments of solitude that can be found while enjoying the scenic views. We know this in part… Read More

Scholarship Seminole Program

PARC’S Foundation and Seminole County Leisure Services Department is committed to providing quality recreational opportunities to all residents of the County regardless of economic status. You can find out more about the scholarship here.


The PARC’S Foundation was proud to sponsor the annual Breakfast of Champions (“BOC”) on May 15, 2019, at the Lake Mary Events Center.  This annual event is produced by the Seminole County Government in conjunction with its private… Read More