The PARC’S Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the parks, trails, natural lands and recreational facilities of Seminole County, Florida.  It was created by citizens to provide a vessel for independent support and philanthropy to enhance and endow the existence of these facilities that do so much to make Seminole County a great place to live, work, visit and play.  

The PARC’S Foundation seeks involvement from interested persons who want to support, sustain and enhance these special and precious public assets with their time or treasurer.  These are just some of the things that we do:  

  • Provide funds to provide deserving young people the opportunity to volunteer time in many of the programs offered by Seminole County’s Leisure Services Department.  
  • Improve, enhance and endow the many facilities that comprise the physical assets of the parks, trails, natural lands and recreational and sports facilities of Seminole County.  
  • Offer individuals and groups the opportunity to memorialize a special person or group through a carefully chosen memorial tree or bench located within certain Seminole County parks, trails, natural lands and recreational sports facilities. 

The purpose of the PARC’s Foundation is to work to improve the quality of life in Seminole County by teaming with individuals and organizations to address the recreation and conservation needs of its citizens.

Our new passion project is to create an all-inclusive, multi-generational playground for families to play together. Our vision is to create the best park in Florida and the Southeast right here in our backyard of Seminole County at the old Rolling Hills Golf Course. As we are proud of our home county, we are delighted to be working on something that will really make Seminole County the leader in inclusive recreation.